You sit in the waves,
warm, but cooling,
listening to gulls cry,
listening to the sea
caress the fine, white sand.
You drink in the mango sunset
as sweet, warm juices
run down steepled fingers
of your upturned hand.

You turn your head to lick,
succulence from fingertips.
On paintbrushed horizon,
the dying light further slips.
The salty breeze in your face,
the sky, now peach and plum.
You close your eyes to savor
sticky sugar on your thumb.
Then playfully, your wrist,
eyes twinkling with the fun,
given an erotic twist,
a slow sweep of taunting tongue.

Distant suns, whitecaps sparkle.
Night pulls down its eggplant shade.
I see heaven dancing in your eyes,
the opalescence of their soft jade.
I’m spellbound with longing,
eternally enthralled.
Without you ever asking
I surrender every part of me,
I gift to you my all.
I watch your lips part
in a soft, sultry moan,
pleasurable sigh.
You stand to brush sand from your legs
as I wait.
Then you turn,
and without saying a word,
or so much as a glance,
you just walk away…

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved