Red Bull cans roll
as the wind insists,
ringing out their
metallic peal
on concrete
and asphalt sheets.
Ubiquitous water bottles
follow beneath WalMart bags
hanging from the trees,
floating like plastic clouds
on the breeze.
The Bogart wannabes,
too cool to strut,
pinching filters
with okay fingers
stained brown,
dragging out
those last puffs,
flicking butts.
Cellophane wrappers
from instant gratification
Microwave this,
quick brew that,
while landfills fill.
Here, take a pill.
Life can’t be as bad
as all that.
Perhaps if
you can’t be happy
with the latest model,
you can be distracted
from the devolution
by nonsensical entertainment,
political doggerel,
miscellaneous twaddle.
Just belly up
to the buffet
consume your fill.
If you don’t like
this refuse,
someone else will.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved