On moonless midnights
mercurial motes
make magical music
with mellifluous notes.
Moths meander,
make mystical mist,
mining marigold’s
marvelous kiss.
Mornings marked
with Mariposa mosaics,
a monarch May
far from prosaic.
Miraculous murals
mesmerize mindful eyes,
myriad manifestations,
Mother Nature’s surprise.
Mantled mountains,
mauve and maroon,
minerals mingling,
Midas-touched at noon.
Mustangs migrate
across shrinking mesas
as modernity’s musts
move and displace us.
Magisterial Muse
motivating meditation,
understanding mind’s vistas
on journey and exploration.
Measuring merit
minus mankind’s materialism
discovering multifaceted
meaning within.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved