I wanted to climb the mountain
to see what I could see.
It was so high, the air so thin
that I could hardly breathe.
It all seemed so immense,
so I tried to break it down.
Mountains became boulders
boulders, became rocks,
then my feet were back
on solid ground.
I dug myself many a hole,
felt blind, as if in an alley.
I kept digging until all my holes
joined to become fertile valley.
I walked between the towering peaks,
until I came to the end of land.
There, the mountain I had
climbed and conquered,
was now a sea-kissed sand.
I buried my toes in coolness and damp,
then waded in the ocean,
where waves cradled me buoyantly,
as I was overcome with emotion.
I drifted on the water a while,
let it carry me where it would.
I washed up on a distant shore.
Where I found new mountains
as I knew I could.
So again I climbed to the summit,
breathed deeply, looked far and wide,
I saw a world of possibilities
and thought, my God,
it’s good to be alive.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved