Raised in
national pride
set free
to catch the wind
and fly.
Now they dangle,
choke on bitterness, 
difference abhorred, 
On their symbolism,
The Stars and Stripes
Strung out on
dubious wars.
On stock exchanges,
oil cartels, 
of ethnic cleanse.
Ancient enmity, grudges.
Political obfuscations,
The lens smudges.
Multinational corporations
play a shell game
always on home field.
Marketing 101 teaches
without shame,
War in profit’s name.
Favorable laws passed
with maximum yield.
Military industrial complex
students ground from the mill
inbreeding, stagnation of ideas
the illusion of free will.
Anecdotal, cherry trees chopped down
towers of opulence, towers of Babel
reduced to rubble and sacred ground
Cassus Belli,
whatever we gotta do.
As long as it’s homeland
that has the hand,
on the knife,
at the throat
of me and ewe.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2016
All rights reserved