The words spilled out of my mind like an overturned bucket of mop water. They proceeded haphazardly, making their way onto the empty valley of the page in what seemed like a child’s game of Follow the Leader. The lead changed hands often from sentence to sentence following an apparently significant period, though what the significance was I was as yet unable to discern. All I knew up to that point was that an exodus was taking place, and it was easy to imagine the words wandering as lost as the Children of Abraham.

Catchy phrases teamed up with one another to create idioms, and attracted others to their clause, both Independents and Subordinates. Clearly protection had been the impetus to the sojourn. The words aligned themselves into family groups of common need that seemed to share that purpose. Close examination revealed the existence of tribal associations. Standard bearers at the head of paragraphs, indented to distinguish themselves from paragraphs before and following.

I watched in wonder as a previously uninhabited clearing began to fill up, pausing only long enough for some parenthetical or other such addendum. On occasion there were stylistic breaks with a group of self-important words that felt the need to use bullets to make their point, but those were rare. The other paragraphs knew instinctively to give them a wide berth and not get mixed up with such troublemakers.
Overall there was a mood of elation for the recent manumission from the Dark recesses of an overcrowded mind. The words appeared resolved to focus on the future. Although I did note an occasional flashback, it was always in the spirit of nostalgia and sentimental reverie. Rather, it provided a slightly better understanding of the current state of affairs.
The gift of life is precious to all words and the prevailing feeling was one of gratitude. When there were instances of harmful words, they were quashed by those more concerned with the unifying force they had collectively, and apologies were always forthcoming.
Some of the more difficult words lagged behind and did not contribute. Not the pollysyllabics, or those belonging to cults such as the Anachronistic, but the more exclusionary Jargon and the dreaded Acronyms, creating a sense of institutional colloquiallism. Slang violence grew out of that rift. Teenspeak and Textspeak were the response to the system’s subverting of the Word, having twisted it to its own self-serving purpose, the excluded words did likewise.

The most sacred and powerful words ever uttered, on their long journey, or in the valley of the promised land where they settled on the plain, were the balm all needed. All who knew their power sought them out in uncertain times when the outlaws, Fear, Doubt, and Mistrust committed heinous acts and tried to bring the others down.

Then, the words of Forgiveness came in as serenely as a lamb, and soothed the spirits of the words. And though they were not perfect, the sentences were in earnest and the paragraphs authentic, for they knew themselves to be the Chosen Ones.

M. Zane McClellan

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