Pushed apart
then pulled away
vacuums of disenfranchisement
Searching for
a sense of belonging
remedy for societal ills,
societal muck.

Seeing the disparity
in everything.
Political platforms
stale and out of touch
with a resoundingly
hollow ring.

No idea what
a Bell Curve is,
yet understanding
its skew.
Governments protecting
the Haves
paying lip service
to those like
me and you.

Fundamental Family values
eroding, in decay,
anachronistic education,
substance abuse, incarceration,
sweeping alienation.
Your idea of assimilation?

Feasts of San Genaro and
Saint Patrick’s Day.
Wishing Gay Pride parades
and Ramadan would quietly
fade away.
Watch what the elected do,
forget what you think
they say.
When the vote is tallied
were they, Yea or Nay?

Gangs and their
insurgents, militants,
Rogue nations,
a dissident’s
Mother’s milk.

Desperation, hopelessness
latch on to the
sour teat.
Once your life means
nothing to you
into the lesser evil,
abandoned, you retreat.

Ghosts haunt history
with plausible deniability,
displacing blame, culpability.

Corporate owned
Freedom of the Press
a castrated institution.
Interests of the Wealthy,
Lobbyists and PACs,
result in a
watered down Constitution.

Globalization puts
new markets within reach,
but what does
the legacy of exploitation
Founding Fathers,
criminals to the Crown,
redistribution of
with little or no
trickle down.

Democracy is not a
government type,
but the participative Will
Of the People
who don’t buy in
to all the hype.

Who believe in the
Principles themselves,
not as political footballs.
Embracing difference
as the strength of
a Nation,
not devolving into
Us and Them,
irresponsible abdication,
Bull in a China shop
with no balls.

Stark contrast
of Leaders during
troubled times.
“The only thing to fear,
is fear itself.”
Fear mongering,
the politics of fear,
Military-Industrial signs.

We come to a crossroads,
not a road but the river Styx,
Charon and ignorance
ferry us to damages
we may not be able to fix.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2015
All rights reserved