These rose tinted lenses
don’t seem to fit me,
but keep sliding down
the bridge of my nose.
While I can see the silver linings
when I look up at dark clouds,
I can’t deny that they
cast shadows
as I look down on the ground.
I will deal with the apparentness,
of each moment
and the appropriateness
of my all too human responses,
rather than willful self-delusion,
and acknowledge the fact
that human experience
encompasses a range
of complexities,
some too painful to ignore,
that set up an equal
and opposite joy
far more enriching
because they too,
just as with the pain,
are temporary.
So, I will focus on
what is before me,
when those lenses slip.
Sometimes they deny
a clarity, a focus,
and on occasion
I am thankful of it.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2015
All rights reserved