I am changed,
am changing,
even as change
As season after season
each transformation,
is pivotal,
and in its pivoting,
the World,
with the season’s changes,
is differently adorned.
I watch the autumn
drenched with rain,
trees baptized in its flood.
I smell and taste
earth’s renewal
the rich minerals
left behind in the humus,
of smooth, palliative mud.
Leaves lay flat and rotting,
fallen and pasted brown,
more decorate the branches,
red, yellow Flame bejeweling
majestic Crepe Myrtle crown.
As these sodden ashes,
recycled from dust unto dust,
make possible 
the beauty of future seasons,
I am reminded of my
why I am changing,
for such is life,
and so,
I must.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2015
All rights reserved