I take you in
to stay alive,
I let you go
with no goodbye.

I am aware
I must have you
because I care.

I take you in,
and I hold you,
until it hurts,
that’s what I do.

I let you out
gasping for more.
You are my life
I can’t ignore.

I take you in
both night and day.
No sooner here
then gone away.

Without your strength
I am left weak,
and not a word
would ever speak.

And once again,
I need you more,
and there you are
so fresh and warm.

I take you in
you taste so sweet.
You fill me up
with every beat.

You, my precious,
a tour de force.
I am grateful
for you, of course.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2015
All rights reserved