Jocks and Minstrels, buffoons on TV shows
are comfortable images, I suppose.
Nonthreatening to the stigma that preempts
notions of a people held in contempt.

They become the prima facie scapegoat
that Media propaganda promotes.
Presumption of guilt on the evening news,,
no judge, no jury, circumstantial clues.

Making impossible, reasonable doubt.
Spend years in prison, then the facts come out.
From prosecutorial misconduct,
Public Defenders, system run amok.

Overplayed, an Ace of Spades in the hole,
pander to worshipers of status quo.
Dealt a losing hand, beaten by the Trumps,
leaps of faith, conclusions to which you jump.

Debts to society are never paid.
recidivism, watershed cascades.
The poorly educated are controlled
economic Apartheid on a roll.

Empires decline when they rot from within,
regressing faster once the slide begins.
Two things grow and pick up speed,
disenfranchisement and old fashioned greed.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2015
All rights reserved