I laughed at the “Occupy Wall-Streeters.”
I thought to myself, what a bunch of nuts.
Though well aware, they were in the right,
I found the whole thing futile and pointless.

As for Second Amendment advocates,
you have got to be pulling my leg.
If the citizens have to rise against tyranny
they will have to grovel and beg.

Have you not seen the Police force arsenals?
Armored transports, and crowd control gear.
If you never breathed in a lungful of CS gas
I can tell you it creates more than tears.

Your throat and your skin burn like hell,
your lungs, resisting, seem to just seize.
A rope of snot hangs nose to ground,
and it will be days until you sneeze.

If you want to take our Democracy back
it will have to start with the vote.
If you don’t think the rich do what they please
read about Andrew Jackson’s land grab, and take note.

The Supreme Court ruled in Cherokee favor,
but with no army could do nothing for its fears.
And those empowered to protect its citizens
authored the Trail of Tears.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2015
All rights reserved