As I stand at sunset
gazing out on the pool
light dancing on ripples
golden sparkles like jewels

Above I’m suspended
in invisible cage
bars as thick as hunger
locked by fear, want, and rage.

I can’t seem to climb out
and I won’t let you in.
I find my cage empty
yet again and again.

But if it is empty,
what has become of me?
Who’s eyes do I look through
at this sunset I see?

My eyes can see clearer
than my imprisoned mind.
This must be reflection,
what You expect to find.

Where I find my body,
there, my soul does not dwell,
but in the infinite,
and I know that is well.

These shackles and handcuffs
are those you project.
I liberate myself,
confinement, I reject.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2015
All rights reserved