I remember times in life,
lost in woods pitch black at night.
Bright moonrays that shone through
showing me the way
out of the darkness
into the light of day.
As if morning had just begun,
again carefree and having fun.
Somewhere in my travels
I must have lost my way.
I’m looking for the breadcrumbs,
but I think they’ve blown away.

I remember younger days.
I found my way out of the maze.
On the other side,
sure the worst had passed.
Although it’s long ago
it all went by so fast.
Music from the Ice Cream truck,
playing stickball on the block.
High school graduation,
going off to college,
high aspirations,
endless search for knowledge.

I remember, to my regret,
so much I wish I could forget.
Mistakes I would unmake
though my heart will not unbreak
choices that went wrong,
painful lessons all along.
I remember life’s been full
tomorrow’s insistent pull.
I remember things come and go.
So much I will never know.
So very long since I was a boy.
Throughout I found my way to Joy.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2015
All rights reserved

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