the door to my room
locks from both sides
to keep some out
my messes to hide
it affords me a measure
of solitude
my standoffishness
often misinterpreted
as my being rude
i simply need space
where none can intrude
respite from my ass
being figuratively chewed
so i slam the door
i turn the lock
i hug my knees to my chest
and gently rock
yet there have been times
i was forced to abide
the bolt being thrown
from the other side
remanded to my solitariness
it somehow feels different
i must confess
to lose that choice
have it taken away
to dwell in darkness
day upon day
and hope you haven’t
secured the hasp
left me to languish
alone till the last
resigned to my condition
having taken mental stock
i hug my knees to my chest
and gently rock
the primal rhythms
soporific sway
lull me to sleep
in a self nurturing way
the door will reopen
as I still have the key
today or tomorrow
we’ll just have to see
and if too you’ll free me
from my oubliette
my door unlocks from both sides
don’t forget.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2015
All rights reserved