There was a small tree, with branches hung low,
in an adjacent field, we called it, “The Chateau.”
We crawled beneath for our first tête-à-tête,
sultry night and girl I will never forget.

Once ensconced within our topiary castle,
free from prying eyes and worldly hassles,
we gave vent to our young passion and lust.
I’m reluctant to share details, but I must.

The pubescent seductress took my innocence.
Make no mistake I was ready to be shed of it since
it had done nothing but frustrate me once discovered,
but there was more precious hid under the same cover.

Conventional wisdom suggests it was I who seduced.
With masculine charms her inhibitions reduced,
but nothing could be further from the truth
She was in fact more than Coquette forsooth.

It was only much later that the theft was revealed,
not virginity, good riddance to that, for real.
It was the echo now there in my chest’s vault.
No alarm ever sounded, this was not my fault.

No apparent prints were left at the crime’s scene
she had done this before, so it seemed.
Just like a Heart Burglar out for a big score,
leaving Tin Men in her wake for evermore.

It was subtlety that made the theft so grand.
Soft lingering kisses and gently held hands.
From me she purloined what I will eternally lament,
my heart, my soul, the cherished time we spent.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2015
All rights reserved