I’m sorry
I wasn’t good enough
for the things that
wanted me to be.
That I couldn’t keep up
with the changes,
you needing so much more,
when you once said
you just needed
I’m sorry there’s nothing
to talk about,
no one who interests me
the way that you did,
or the cowardly way
I deal with that truth,
that pain,
the way I retreated and hid.
I’m sorry that
I miss you so much
and all else
that makes me
so hopelessly pathetic.
I’m sorry there
is no relief for me
but sleep
my heart’s anesthetic.
I’m sorry I disappointed you
that I never amounted
to anything at all,
or that you are
the one person
I could grow with,
and I can’t even call.
I’m sorry that I
knew you,
and that I gave you
my heart.
I’m sorry that
my one true love
was doomed
right from the
God damned start.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2015
All rights reserved