I look at thoughts that try to hide,
that bring the loss of you in view.
Each one is so poignant inside;
focus on what I know was true.
Do you remember what I said?
You saw the tears slide from my eyes
as your soft hands held my head.
Do you remember what I said,
when you said that I would love again?
That promise was not yours to make.
I was praying you’d love me again,
not sure how much my heart can take.
As true today as it was then.
I cling to forgotten promises,
their meaning no longer clear to me.
They magnify the vacant spaces
that in the dark no one can see.
Do you remember what I said?
I told you I always will, I always had.
Do you remember what I said?
I spoke my truth, but now it’s dead.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2014
All rights reserved