If I were the Earth,
You would be the clouds
encompassing me.
Looking up to you
in constant awe,
adoring the way
you reveal,
and conceal,
the heavens and stars,
your fitting backdrop.
I would soak up
your tears
of rain and pain
and turn them into
life beautiful.
If I were a meadow
you would be a stream,
always running through
my heart joyously,
your laughter
giving me butterflies.
I would hug you
as you flow where you must,
my bedrock beneath you
in full support.
If I were an island,
You would find me
all alone, wanting.
You would be my sea,
wrap around me,
to my delight.
Your susurrus sounds
my sweet lullaby.
You comfort me,
caressing gently,
both day and night.
If I were your anything …
nothing would ever change
the fact that you are …
my everything.
Without you,
no matter what I am,
I am nothing.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2014
All rights reserved