I close my eyes,
to slowly savor,
your unassuming warmth.
My arms open to you,
you tuck right in.

Encouraging trust,
you share and listen.
I feel your need,
your magnetic spark.

I relinquish everything
into your gentle custody.
I ask you not to hurt me,
warn you of my fragility.

You wear a wistful smile,
sensing my old wounds.
You say, “Baby, I’ve got you”.
Then trail your fingers up my chin.

Looking over your shoulder
you saunter out of reach.
I step to you, spellbound,
captured by your magic.

Your laughter rings
like tiny silver chimes.
My spirit rejoices
and I know who you are.

An incandescent seraph
waltzing in my heart,
making me want to dance
with you forever.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2014
All rights reserved