I pull into the driveway
of our modest country home,
nestled in the bosom of rolling
lush green hills.
Flowing beneath
a pastel sunset,
you step out of your studio,
arm raised to shade your face.
The dog trots toward me,
his tail smiling back and forth.
You rush to meet me.
I want nothing but you now,
under the four maple trees,
in the front yard,
that square dance
when the Country Wind
calls them to dosey doe.
You hug me
with just your eyes
before you enfold me
in your arms,
made just for me.
I know I’m home
with the one whose
kisses taste like
absolution to me;
because you love my
which is why
I love you
like my Goddess.
You soothe me
and are comforted.
You are patient enough
to handle my stubbornness,
and stubborn enough
to handle my impatience.
Vision sharp enough to
see the hurt behind
my acrimony.
Strong enough to lift
any heaviness in my heart,
yet afraid to bait a hook.
You tickle me with your
saucy attitude
as you traipse across
the yard in your Boho skirt,
barefoot and free.
I know we’ll always be alright.
Though we are not perfect,
we have the perfect tools
to work on our imperfections,
together … and grow.
I may not be incomplete
without you,
but without you,
I am undone.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2014
All rights reserved