Despite the promises sublime
that brought exquisite bliss,
I find myself alone, despondent,
your gentle love I miss.

It echoes ceaselessly inside me
like waves caress a sandy shore.
Conflicting with the ache I feel.
I hunger for you more and more.

Haunted by the, “could have been,”
on the, “should have been,” I choke.
Disappointed only with myself,
being arrogant enough to hope.

Full of so many raw emotions,
my heart about to burst.
I am more aware of the void,
the emptiness, you filled first.

Days that stretch ahead of me,
are absent joy and devil-may-care .
They will wither my soul as dry as dust,
to disappear on the wind of despair.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2015
All rights reserved