How can you stand there so calmly
as you speak so matter of fact.
While I’m reduced to a puddle
not a shred of my soul intact.

You promised to love me always,
never to hurt me or betray.
Then that trust we worked so hard for,
ripped out of me and thrown away.

I want so badly to hate you,
as you rationally explain.
I can’t hear a word you’re saying
but understand you just the same.

I don’t know what the future holds,
nor do I care to speculate.
When I need you most to save me,
you always seem to show up late.

So fine, we’re finished, good riddance.
Don’t bother to ever look back.
I can do without loving you
since you never seemed to give back.

In fact, I will eschew all love.
I don’t need perpetual pain.
I just know that after you’re gone,
nothing will ever be the same.

Colors will appear less lively,
and love songs will leave me in tears.
I know some day I’ll forget you,
I’m just afraid it will take years.

I have learned my lesson this time,
to keep my soft heart locked away.
And to never again trust you,
no matter the things that you say.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2014
All rights reserved