Washed down the drain
by the flood of self-pity
that poured forth from my eyes. 
The deluge carried me down
to the sewers of despair.
Lost in the darkness, hopeless,
my mind became a masquerade
concealing any value I felt.
I flailed myself with doubt,
with voices of the past:
Not good enough!
Not rich enough!
Not smart enough!
Not enough!
Knee deep in this putrid bile,
regurgitated in fear,
rising up to swallow me
into its bottomless black hole
where no light has ever shone.
My Soul, felt a desiccated husk,
no reminiscence of its luminosity.
Left with nothing but old lies
that I once grasped,
failing to surrender.
Until I said, no more!
I resurrected my self,
my true nature,
Angels whispered
an invitation
to the palace of hope.
I ascended a flight of light
to fully occupy
mansions of forgiveness
setting myself free.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2015
All rights reserved