We built this wall between us
raised it high and ran it long.
We built it brick by brick, this wall,
this wall of mirrored bricks.
These bricks were formed with
things left unsaid,
unsubstantiated rumor and
unfounded fears.
Our thoughts and feelings
never expressed,
the heat that fired these bricks
right here.
We built this wall between us.
Like all walls it keeps things out
as well as in.
This wall reflects our
castigations hurled in passion
in the mirror of our souls
we see them for what they are,
self recriminations.
We built this wall between us.
Ain’t it time to tear it down?
This wall been here for too
damn long,
now it’s circled back around.
I know how we can tear it down,
the same way it went up,
brick by brick.
Help me tear this damn wall down.
Because this shit has gotten
too damn thick.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2015
All rights reserved