You have come to be part of
every moment I am in existence.
All my senses aware of you,
my heart always insistent.

My eyes drink in your laughter.
The very sight of you a melody,
lately though, my expressions of love
have become a lonesome soliloquy.

Thought of your star bright smile
illuminates the dark corners of my soul.
It lingers, as embers in ashes,
and chases away the cold.

I feel your spirit longing,
desire for a love exquisite, serene.
Haunting me, a spectral hunter,
beckoning me back into the dream.

My skin warms and tingles,
yearning for your touch.
My voice cries out its devotion.
The words I have, not enough.

I need to hold you desperately,
not caring if it seems unwise.
Ears awaiting your soft whispers
that always elicit my blissful sighs.

My pores breathe you in,
Nothing can breathe you out.
As I close my eyes, misty lashes,
leave me with no doubt.

Loss of your friendship and love,
has indeed left me bereft.
Still each day, I want you to know,
you are my very breath.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright © 2014
All rights reserved

* Originally posted in 2014