Hidden in the Valley of Lonely,
surrounded by the Peaks of Daunt.
Contemplative reverie of you,
the unconditional love I want.

Shrouded in cool darkness half the day,
Bathed in magic moonglow half the night.
Clouds pass overhead but do not stay,
some shed tears at the pitiable sight.

Others have learned not to dare tread here,
leave me to self imposed solitude.
Having left no ingress and made it clear,
with a most off-putting attitude.

Find your way to my heart’s Shangri-La
You are welcome in the very center.
You will know it by the endless echoes,
You will hear, “I Love You”, as you enter.

Every pass left accessible to you.
Ignore the warning signs as you start.
Seek in wisdom, unconditional love,
I implore you to trespass my heart.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright 2014
All rights reserved