Certain sounds engender
moments of stark recall.
Simple words you used like,
“Baby”, or  “not at all.”

No matter who speaks them,
as if I have no choice,
haunted by an echo,
I hear them in your voice.

I feel them part your lips
which you lick with your tongue.
Your eyes connect with mine,
my façade of calm undone.

Rivulets of anxious
run, but before they fade,
are joined by the others,
become nervous cascade.

Scent of sandalwood oil,
my nose reminded of,
all my senses gang up
make you seem real, my love.

My eyes see vividly
as if you are here too.
My mind with this input
unsure of what to do.

I squeeze my eyes shut tight,
a deep breath to compose,
reflect on the sounds heard
from which all this arose.

My icy resolve melts
to my warm breathy sighs.
Echoes of waterfalls
flow gently from my eyes.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright 2014
All rights reserved