I was a bit relieved at the ending of National Poetry Month. As I have written, prompts are not my chosen method of inspiration for writing poetry. Yet ironically I find myself gravitating toward new challenges. The photo challenge gives me a chance to share what I consider poetic images.

This challenge comes from my good blogging friend, Denise, who, unfortunately, is not blogging at this time due to personal reasons. She invented a challenging new form of poetry she calls a Blank Poem. It twisted me in knots this morning. Fortunately, I had real life inspiration from a musical friend outside my patio. I hope you like it.

The Night Bird

Bird and song throughout the night,
what bird I could not say,
a night bird singing so mellifluously,
it sang, this bird, until day.
As dawn approached the bird stilled,
trilling its last trill, this bird.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright 2015
All rights reserved