I had a visitor the other night
a thing of shadow, a thing of light.
I watched it as it flickered,
flickered in and out of sight.

It rode in on a moonbeam, no more,
that angled down window to floor.
It coasted down that moonbeam gently,
sparkling one moment, when dark before.

It landed on my portmanteau,
to pirouette adagio.
I kept still, to feign deep slumber.
avoiding an imbroglio.

It leapt atop the duvet with ease,
a cabriole as crisp as you please.
Then began to dance upon my chest,
an arabesque atop my knees.

The creature dove behind my head
Vaguely felt between pillow and bed.
Next it perched on the window’s sill,
with graceful bow, bon soire, it said.

I fell, reluctantly, back to sleep
struggling to hold this vision deep.
You may wonder if dream or real,
but the secret is mine to keep.

Copyright 2015
All rights reserved