Solar Emporium

I fly across space
to flow above your horizon
and smile down
on your shores,
strips of sandy collars
buttoned up tightly
to the neck
of the oceans that span
the globe.
I warmed the air,
and birthed the wind,
that carried birds,
with their musical voices,
who rose above
the coastal mountain ranges.
I crested the majestic peaks
to banish the cold shadows
that clung to their feet
in valleys beyond.
I saw the birds dance
among green fields
that I gave life to,
as dragonflies took flight
darting back and forth
faster than the eye
could follow.
I witnessed it all
and I kept moving.
Through the interior
bringing all of the bands
of my light
for you to use to measure
what you know as day.
Behind me lay
an indifferent frigid
mask worn by
deep woods
that dot the landscape
and harbor myths
to frighten children
with a measure of truth
contained in the stories
that arrived in my wake.
Where the eyes struggle
to keep in perspective
the distances between
or beyond them.
When I soar just
a little farther from you
to share my warmth
with far away parts
of this galaxy,
you light fires
in pale imitation of me,
and rub your hands,
thinking you have
conquered winter.
Until I rise again
to begin anew
this cycle
you hope is endless,
as do I.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright 2014
All rights reserved


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