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Not being a big believer in reinventing the wheel, I will simply provide Content Editor Robert Lee Brewer’s prompt. Submit your contribution here.

Wow! After today’s poem, we’re looking at three days left. That’s just crazy.

For today’s prompt, write a looking back poem. Of course, some people just glance over their shoulders, and others stop and turn all the way around. Some look back in time and weigh their successes and failures, evaluate things they could do better. Some claim they never look back. Whatever your stance on looking back, capture it in a poem today.

Here is my attempt at a looking back poem. I hope that you enjoy it.

Love for the Ages

Perhaps at first glance it all seems
to have been somewhat quixotic.
She, adamant that Love, like Life,
cannot be idealistic.

Cannot be measured honestly,
outside the crucible of  trust.
That time, both elastic and dense,
requires from us a calm patience.

My desperate, sisyphean,
clinging to insubstantial faith.
Providence revealed her wisdom
the hill took forever, the fall …

My heart chanted my soul’s mantra,
night and day without surcease.
insisting on the relevance,
of what was a Love for the Ages.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright 2015
All rights reserved