Day 22 of the Poem A Day challenge calls for a poem about nature.
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I have always found fascinating our existence inside and outside of nature. The way urban sprawl encroaches on their natural habitat, and then we blame the coyote for trespassing.

Here is my attempt at a Nature poem:

Nature and Contradiction

The essence of nature,
agnostic and profane,
extant in contradiction,
as ineluctable evidence
of the sacred and divine.
Majestic trees,
simple plants,
caparison the globe
in grand symmetry,
incandescent, variegated
colors and patterns,
in Fibonacci sequence
to infinitesimal detail.
As they respire
sustenance for
animal life
existing in
savage harmony,
human to diatomaceous.
Echoes of distant suns,
visions of the past.
From distant galaxies,
comets dance
across the heavens
showering the earth
with celestial music
that lullabies
turbulent seas
to the depths
of their tranquility,
the core of home.
Yet we insist
on defiling our demesne,
despite rising obloquy,
increasing shame.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright 2015
All rights reserved