I have not been inspired to write in the past week despite the observance of National Poetry Month. Writing to prompts feels forced, almost coerced lately, and I am not happy with my poems so …
I thought to share some of my favorites until my Muse returns, hopefully soon.

This poem began as an impromptu and spontaneous response, by way of comment, to a post from my good blogging friend, WritingWingsForYou. The post can be found here:


She is one of the co-authors on the anthology “Heart Whispers” I am a part of. For some enjoyable reads, please visit this wonderful blog and say hello.

Coffee with WritingWingsForYou

And we have sipped
from the same cup,
you and I.
Tasted the bitter dark,
the light and sweet.
We drank to the dregs
and sought foretelling
in the emptiness.
Only to realize
we could refill
from a fresh pot,
brewed just the way
we like it.
Flavored naturally,
and savored over time
as we get acquainted
with one another,
reacquainted with ourselves.
Through revelations
we could not hear
when uttered,
but resonate
in their reverberations
when we hear, “me too.”
Smiling for the moment,
and feeling less alone.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright 2014
All rights reserved