I decided on a slightly different take on today’s Writer’s Digest PAD Challenge which is, Science. I hope you enjoy it.

The Sweet Science

In Garden’s center, amid satin ropes,
stentorian cries of their attributes,
pugnacious pugilists anxious to show
they are more technician than mindless brute.

As they dance and circle around the ring
the crowd’s tone approaches the crescendo.
A thirst for blood in the Coliseum,
vicarious debate of con and pro.

Managing endurance through the measured rounds.
Measuring distance with exacting jabs,
they examine opposing specimens
without petri dishes, beakers, or labs.

When the contest ends to the count of ten,
should one of them be laying unconscious,
commentary on accepted violence.
When will enlightenment be upon us?

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright 2015
All rights reserved