I’m not sure what it is about the prompts from the Writer’s Digest PAD (Poem A Day) challenges that make me playful, but it’s fun. Today’s challenge was to write a work poem. See more here.

Life’s Travails

I have swept floors, janitorial,
reviewed copy, editorial,
Force in Readiness on the scene
with the United States Marines.
I have been a business analyst,
Sadly never, a beauty pageant panelist.
I cut grass, a job I liked,
delivered papers on my bike,
canvassed subscriptions in the snow
until I could not feel my toes.
I have worked some people’s nerves,
learning to throw a slider and curve.
I carried groceries and shined shoes.
You’re darn right, I paid my dues.
From the moment I was birthed
until I return to Mother Earth,
working to understand,
the purpose, the meaning,
the existence of this man.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright 2015
All rights reserved