“C’mon, it’ll be fun,” they said.
“Just get up there and have some fun.”
As I watched the Karaokers,
I wondered what harm could be done.

Of course, I sing in the shower,
and I sound okay to myself.
Maybe I could relax a bit,
have fun like everyone else.

I chose one of my favorite songs,
got up there and busted some notes.
From the audience reaction,
I thought the microphone was broke.

At first, there was a stunned silence,
and then a lot of throat clearing.
I shook in mute embarrassment,
then realized they were cheering.

It’s not about perfect vocals,
just the audacity to dare.
So I tried to do a Moonwalk,
fell off stage and over a chair.

That, my first and last performance,
and for me there will be no more.
The video is on YouTube.
What did they have to do that for?

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright 2015
All rights reserved