Day six of National Poetry month brings an interesting prompt from the Writer’s Digest PAD (Poem A Day) challenge, a “things-not-as-they-appear” poem.  For more, see here:

Writer’s Digest PAD Challenge – Day 6

My somewhat whimsical response is:


Was it simply misperception?
Or perhaps you were led astray.
You heard my abracadabra,
and felt my nimble fingers play.

You watched my every move closely,
suckered by the misdirection.
Although others sawed you in half,
I made you whole with affection.

My magic was plain and simple,
to love you, worship and adore.
When finally I pulled the switch,
resistance fell through the trap door.

Your charms so very beguiling,
there were times I lost my focus.
That was when you worked your magic,
snared me with your hocus pocus.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright 2015
All rights reserved