Today’s prompt for the Writer’s Digest PAD Challenge: Departure.

One balmy summer evening,
sodden in a storm’s wake,
beneath glow of twilight,
my love you did forsake.

Circlet slipped from your hand,
tucked into my clenched fist.
In a ponderous stupor,
my lips numb to your kiss.

You pivoted away,
with explanations oblique,
of needing more of yourself,
as tears poured down my cheek.

Darkness fell upon me,
Moon rose, itself forlorn.
I, part of your history,
a page from your book, am torn.

Cast upon the embers,
of a fire once burned bright.
Consumed into ashes,
as you strode into the night.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright 2015
All rights reserved