Your secrets
are not your secrets.
They are the shadow
of fear
cast on your soul.
They reside inside you,
but are not part of you.
With light,
they can be banished
from the darkest corners.
They have no power over you,
only that which you grant them.
For they have no life of their own,
except in your thoughts.
You can free yourself
from their shackles,
though it may involve
considerable courage.
You may find
there is pain in this,
yet know it is
only temporary.
For once dispelled by the light,
those secrets are no more.
Your healthy spirit
will rush in
to fill the emptiness
left in their place.
Though you may find it
to live in the fullness of
you will discover in it
rewards beyond
Where truth
is not a platitude,
and trust is given freely,
and love
is something that can be felt
in the deepest reservoirs
of your heart.

M. Zane McClellan

Writer’s Digest PAD Challenge, Day 2

Copyright 2015
All rights reserved