It was a most unusual evening
that began with a bit of physical distress.
Following a sumptuous supper and cordial,
I experienced some discomfort in my chest.

Certain it was merely indigestion,
to be addressed with a pharmaceutical,
I reluctantly took an antacid,
retired for the night to read as usual.

Comfortable in my study chair,
feet propped, poised to read my Poe,
although my heart beat irregularly,
I believed it beating ones and zeroes.

I retrieved my sphygmomanometer,
my blood pressure was within limits.
But my heart beat’s asynchronicity,
I swear it was code. Crazy, isn’t it?

I decided to explore the possibility,
convert the code to text, though improbable.
With a simple hexadecimal algorithm,
I wound up with a puzzle that was solvable.

Repeated several times in perfect syntax
was a simple message from my heart,
“You must open yourself to the love we need.
Life is poetry and love is an art.”

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright 2015
All rights reserved