In the light of recent events,
or through history’s jaundiced lens,
some see the world as black and white,
cognitive dissonance begins.

Presumption of guilt, innocence,
in the absence of all the facts.
A rush to judgment, the public,
media hyped, overreacts.

Religious justification
for unholy acquisitions.
Power, land, resources and wealth,
Orchestra of politicians.

Uncivilized brutalities,
Sudanese genocide, smart bombs.
In the Middle East a cauldron,
reminiscent of the pogroms.

Women abducted for brothels,
our children slaughtered in the street.
Syria, Ukraine, USA,
violence, a disease indiscreet.

While some see the world black and white,
we conceded Old Nick his due.
Though held in the arms of Angels,
the world was always black and blue.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright 2015
All rights reserved