Amidst the weeds, fragrant flowers bloom.
Colorful petals release sweet perfume.
Through thickets, thistle, and burrs, bees fly,
to alight on wildflowers that dazzle the eye.
Meadows swept with this panoply’s broom.

Blanketing hillsides wherever there’s room,
Nature’s quilt woven with a magical loom.
You will find quintessential art lies
amidst the weeds.

Ecosystems imbalanced, forecasting doom,
wildfires, mudslides forest crematory, tombs.
Hear the flora and fauna’s pitiable cry,
through urban sprawl their habitat dies.
But in springtime, the rebirth resumes.
amidst the weeds.

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright 2015
All rights reserved