I never mastered
balance on a board. 
For me it was more like
Bang ten!
But I could read currents
like liquid Braille,
catch waves 
to body surf
like a seal. 
Once wet,
My hair would curl,
Turn my Afro
Into a Shirley Temple. 
Sunning to dry
on a gritty beach towel
with ankle high
sand socks. 
Eating Scooter Pies
washed down with
warm soda. 
Shading my eyes
To watch kites
dance on the 
ocean breeze. 
Toss the frisbee
around the duness. 
Watch the sun sink
beyond the
parking field,
teeth chattering
as we caught
the free bus home
from Lido Beach. 

M. Zane McClellan

Copyright 2014
All rights reserved