To Make Her Heaven Now

by The Poetry Channel

Moon Tree 

I gave birth to a story,

that none may ever read.

A tale so compelling,

laden with mystery and need.

The hero was so stubborn,

in his bravery and faith.

The woman he gave his heart to,

stunning in her grace.

She had an unworldly strength

of character and truth,

and stood by him in his darkness,

shining light upon his false proof.

In his moment of weakness,

her strength to him she did lend.

Whispered to him gently,

her vow to stay until the end.

Bolstered by her support,

he rose to the monumental task.

Slew the  demons in his soul

without her having to ask.

Taking then, her heart away,

to cherish it he did vow,

to chase away her sorrow and tears,

to make her heaven now.

~ M. Zane McClellan

Copyright M. Zane McClellan

All rights reserved

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